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I am experienced enough in the art of bdsm to know it is best enjoyed when at least one partner understand what really is needed to be brought to the table, especially the mistress. Most mistress have no idea what to do with control once given and the session ends up turning bad because you have two newbies doing something that either one has no idea of. Im not one of those women wanting money as a wage and due to a lack of real interest, they are often bad at it. Many seem to take gifts or money and little domination comes into it all, I feel sorry for those who have their fetish exploited by women who can not do what they have claimed to be an expert at.

In my opinion, taking on a new sub should be approached like getting into a tub of water with large ice cubes, whether the sub has prior experience shouldnt influence the decision-making process. Most people think just jumping is the secret but it isn?t, your body has to warm to the temperature change or it will go into shock. Its better to put a toe in, then a leg, then half your body, and then your whole body.

While am willing and able to train you even if you are a newbie or a semi-dom or a sub with limited experience in need of retraining, I believe it is important I mention the fact that am only interested in an arrangement that will lead to real sessions, not just endless online back and forth. Kindly refrain from contacting me if you are not interested in booking a session. You can book a session by contacting me discreetly preferably through my private
1 h escort. sex and blow with condom:Kr. 1.500,00
Natural blow job its extra:Kr. 300,00
Lick my pusy and kiss extra each:Kr. 300,00
1 h domination and other fantasies with the costume and toys:Kr. 2.500,00
Extreme Humiliation its extra:Kr. 500,00
For more info please call me i talking English,:Kr. 0,00